The Random Team was a group of "young mercenaries" in Jurassic Shark, consisting of Cooper Culman, Jeff Stanton and Nate Williams. After the hunt for GW 75 ended, all the members of the team were killed except for Nate Williams, leaving him as the sole surviving member. Following the hunt, he disbanded the team and joined the Shark Hunters. Upon Nate's death several years later, all the members of the Random Team had died. 

Island of Doom MembersEdit

The film Island of Doom: Jurassic Park featured a "Random Team" that would loosely inspire the team in Jurassic Shark

  • M.B. Nash - Nash was the leader of the team. His occupation was to give orders to the other crew members, and send them on whatever missions he chooses. 
  • Cooper Culman - Cooper was the second-in-command of the team, as well as the weapons specialist. He was a very tough person with a bitter attitude. 
  • Udesky Rogan - Udesky was the "secret agent" of the team, going on missions that others may not know of. He was good friends with Cooper Culman. 
  • Max Anderson - Max's character never made it into the film, although he would have been the newest member to the team, as well as the most inexperienced. 

Jurassic Shark MembersEdit

  • Nate Williams - The leader of the team and the last surviving member as well. He appeared in the first and second films. 
  • Cooper Culman - The team's weapon specialist, who was killed by the shark in the first film. 
  • Jeff Stanton - Cooper's best friend, who aids both him and Nate whenever necessary and was killed by the shark in the first film. 
  • Max Anderson - An undercover member of the team who briefly appeared in the second film, although he was killed by the Hammerhead Shark.