"My dad only ever cared about The Clan - not about me. He abandoned me. He always talks about ... "family" - well he tore his family apart!"
-Quinn to Kick, Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption
Quinn Diesel
Quinn in Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption

Portrayed By

Alex Lombardo


Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


U.B.N.V.A. (formerly)



Quinn Diesel is a supporting character in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Alex Lombardo, who is the real life brother of Vin's actor, Chris Lombardo. The estranged son of Vin Diesel, Quinn's relationship with his father was strained when Vin joined The Clan. In search of a more caring family, Quinn joined the U.B.N.V.A. and became an ally of The Paleman. Paleman manipulated Quinn into thinking Vin never cared for him. Over time, Quinn grew more loyal to the U.B.N.V.A.

After The Clan found The Creator's device, Paleman dispatched Quinn to claim it. Quinn would do so, but ultimately failed to impress Creator. Quinn later seized an opportunity to confront his father at Torture Wobbler Church, where he killed him. Horrified by his actions, Quinn truly realized what he'd done when confronted by Kick, who spares his life and forces him to live with his greatest mistake. 


Quinn was born as the son of Vin Diesel, a loyal member of The Clan who sought to protect ancient artifacts at all costs. Vin loved his son, but found it difficult to care for him and embrace his duty to The Clan. Vin would find himself spending more time with the team than he did with Quinn. Feeling neglected, Quinn would run away from home in search of a better, more caring family. 

At some point, Quinn would meet The Paleman, a member of the U.B.N.V.A. - a criminal organization fought by Vin and The Clan. Paleman would take Quinn under his wing, bringing him into the U.B.N.V.A. Quinn was glad to finally have a "family" that cared for him, yet in reality, Paleman was manipulating him into thinking his father never cared for him and he disowned him on purpose. Quinn would eventually come to terms with this, and embrace his new role. 

Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass ConsumptionEdit

Paleman would quickly learn that The Clan discovered a device in Chernobyl belonging to the ancient Creator. In response, he summoned Quinn, and told him that Vin has helped reunite The Clan. Quinn is displeased with this, and Paleman tasks him with finding The Creator's device in The Clan's headquarters. Quinn agrees to do so, but asks what will become of his father, and Paleman assures Quinn that his time is near. He gives Quinn a key to access the headquarters, and as Paleman departs, Quinn reminisces about his father. 

Several days later, Paleman kills Colonel Crunch and uses his death to enrage and distract The Clan. This creates a diversion, allowing Quinn to break into the headquarters and steal the device. Quinn then regroups with Paleman at Torture Wobbler Church, where they meet with Creator. Paleman introduces him to Quinn, and Creator tells him that he was smart to leave his degenerate father. Despite his harsh words, Quinn thanks him for understanding. Creator explains how he called upon Tyresius, as he knows the location of the Forbidden Sword. Moments later, Tyresius arrives and is confronted by Creator. After Tyresius retreats, Creator orders Quinn to remain at the church. 

As Creator killed several members of The Clan, Paleman and Kaine West would confront Vin, Flynt and Rasputin at Torture Wobbler Church. In the ensuing conflict, Quinn would loiter around the church, as Paleman had a mission for him. After Rasputin and Kaine West were killed, Vin would go in pursuit of Paleman, who left his bloody sword in front of the church. Confused, Vin approached it, and was suddenly faced with Quinn as he ran out of the bushes. Vin was overjoyed to see his son, and remarked how he's grown so much over the years. Vin says that he has a job to do, as The Clan is after The Paleman and they need to finish him off. Vin pulls Paleman's sword from the ground and offers it to Quinn, asking him to help him in his quest. Quinn gladly agrees to and takes the sword. Vin asks if he's ready to join The Clan, and after several seconds of staring at his father, Quinn runs him through with the sword. After removing the sword from his chest, Quinn runs off as his father falls to the ground. He is devastated by his son's betrayal, and dies by Flynt's side. 

Sickened by his actions, Quinn leaves Paleman and refuses to aid him any further, as he realizes the damage they've caused. Quinn resides in The Clan's headquarters for several hours, until he is met with Kick, who plans to confront him over the murder of Vin. After being asked what he's doing, Quinn says he's about to leave, and asserts that he lacks any family or friends. Kick says this is his own fault, but Quinn angrily denies this. Kick berates Quinn for killing Vin, but Quinn believes this was necessary, as his father never cared about him and didn't really believe in family. Quinn says that he went to the U.B.N.V.A. as a result, and when Kick asks if they were a better family, Quinn asserts that they at least gave him one. Kick tries telling Quinn that Vin cared about him despite his neglect, and that his duty to The Clan got in the way but he was always fighting for the right cause. Quinn begins to see that his father wasn't a bad person, but knows that he can't undo his actions, and believes his fate is sealed. Kick, however, leaves him to live with his greatest mistake, and orders him to leave. Disheartened, Quinn departs from the headquarters, facing an uncertain future. 


  • One of two LordStarscream100 characters with the name of Quinn - the other being Quinn Freeman, a supporting character in Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution. Coincidentally, like Freeman, Quinn Diesel is also pulled down a darker path in his life.
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