The Pizza No Come Film Series is a heptalogy of short films that follow two brothers that work as pizza guys and oppose the insatiable Fat Clan. The series contains seven installments - chronologically, Pizza Won't ComePizza No ComePizza Might Come, Pizza Origins, The Pizza ComethPizza Will Come and Pizza Must Come. It stars Alex Fanelli, Gabe Sagherian, Austin BrinserRyan Grier, Chris LombardoRyan Bowman, and others. The first four films were released from July to September 2016, with two more being released in April 2017, and a seventh in December. The series' production was slowed in 2018, as many of the cast members had school and other obligations. 

Many of the films were created as a result of filming for The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods being called off on certain days. Pizza Will Come and Pizza Won't Come, however, were both made intentionally. The series' chronology is sometimes thrown off by its installments. Pizza Won't Come, which was the sixth film to be released, takes place before the first film, Pizza No Come. In addition, Pizza Origins was released after The Pizza Cometh, though it takes place before its predecessor. 


Pizza No Come (2016)Edit

The first film, Pizza No Come, was released on July 27, 2016. The film follows the "original pizza guy" as he makes a pizza delivery to a group of uncanny gang members. Ryan Grier stars as the pizza guy, while Gabe Sagherian, Sean Larkin, Chris Lombardo and Dakota Markle play the gang members. 

Pizza Might Come (2016)Edit

The second film, Pizza Might Come, was released on August 14, 2016. It follows a new pizza guy, whose name is later revealed to be "Antonio", as he makes a pizza delivery to The Rodent - a skinny hooded gang member. A conflict breaks out when The Rodent refuses to pay him with money, prompting police officer Guy Buddy to intervene. Alex Fanelli stars as the pizza guy, while Eric Gorbaty plays The Rodent and Gabe Sagherian plays Guy Buddy. 

The Pizza Cometh (2016)Edit

The third film, The Pizza Cometh, was released on August 19, 2016. The film is set after the events of its sequel, Pizza Origins. It follows a cowboy-esque character, The Chimp, as he hunts down a trio of gang members in the woods. Austin Brinser stars as The Chimp, while Ryan Bowman plays Jicker, Chris Lombardo plays Brayden, and Alex Fanelli plays the "hooded hoodlum". The film ends with The Chimp killing the gang members and taking their car, which was stolen from Antonio. 

Pizza Origins (2016)Edit

The fourth film, Pizza Origins, was released on September 5, 2016. The film is set fourteen hours before the events of its predecessor, The Pizza Cometh. It follows the pizza guy, Antonio, as he tries delivering three pizzas to a trio of gang members. As expected, a conflict breaks out when the gang members attack Antonio. Alex Fanelli returns as the pizza guy, and Ryan Bowman returns to play Jicker. Chris Lombardo plays Dope, and Gabe Sagherian plays Renny - both gang members. The film ends with Renny stealing the pizza guy's car, setting in motion the events of The Pizza Cometh

Pizza Will Come (2017)Edit

The fifth film, Pizza Will Come, was released on April 14, 2017. Set eight months after the previous installment, The Pizza Cometh, The Chimp has taken back Antonio's car but held onto it ever since - forcing Antonio to take on a new job that requires him to wear a chicken costume. Antonio manages to confront The Chimp, who betrays Antonio and releases the fearsome Dogfather on him. Alex Fanelli and Austin Brinser return as Antonio and The Chimp, respectively, while Dakota Markle debuts as The Dogfather. Gabe Sagherian and Ryan Grier both have cameos as Renny and the original pizza guy, respectively. 

Pizza Won't Come (2017)Edit

The sixth film, Pizza Won't Come, was released on April 21, 2017. Set three months before the first film, Pizza No Come, brothers Antonio and Emilio, both working as pizza guys, make a delivery to two gang members by a river in a park. The brothers' tense relationship takes a turn for the worst as a major revelation comes to light. Alex Fanelli and Ryan Grier return as pizza guys Antonio and Emilio, respectively, while Sean Larkin returns as the hungry goon from the first film and Chris Lombardo debuts as Master Malice, a gang members. Austin Brinser also appears as The Chimp. 

Pizza Must Come (2017)Edit

The seventh film, Pizza Must Come, was released on December 24, 2017. Set eight months after Pizza Will Come, Antonio has sided with Renny in a bid to chase down a common enemy, The Chimp - but a greater foe, Master Malice, seeks to hold all the cards. Filming began on October 8, though the footage was ultimately scrapped for various reasons. Filming officially took place from December 19 to 21. Austin Brinser, Gabe Sagherian, Alex Fanelli and Ryan Grier reprise their roles as The Chimp, Renny, Antonio and Emilio, respectively, while Chris Lombardo and Michael Behrenshauser join the film's cast. The film was released on December 24. 

Eighth Film (2019)Edit

An eighth film is currently in the works. Little information exists on the film, except that it will take place a year after Pizza Must Come. Filming took place in August 2018, but required reshoots that have yet to take place. The eighth installment was in the works for much of 2018, and is currently set for release in January 2019.


On April 22, 2017, LordStarscream100 confirmed that the series will continue on for another two or three installments, saying;

We always aim to make each film unique, fun and exciting. The series won't last forever; we'll likely have another two or three films before the ultimate finale. We don't want things to get boring, and I feel we always come up with some great ideas for the series. But we'll wrap things up when the time comes. 

Release dates for these installments have yet to be confirmed. In June 2018, Scott began planning premises for future films in the series. On June 28, he confirmed plans for at least four more installments, though hasn't offered any plot details or ideas of where the series will go. 

Character AppearancesEdit

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  • The series contains the second largest number of installments in a LordStarscream100 series, with seven films. It's surpassed by the Bread's Crumbs series, which has twelve films. 
  • Most of the series' installments were released relatively close to each other.
    • The second film was released around two weeks after the first film, and the third film was released less than a week after the second film. The fourth film was released around two weeks after the third film.
    • A hiatus then took place, with the fifth film being released seven months after the fourth film, and the sixth film being released less than a week later. 
    • After another hiatus, the seventh film was released eight months after the sixth film.