Pizza Might Come
August 14, 2016

Directed by

Scott Pincus

Filmed and Edited by

Scott Pincus


Alex Fanelli

Eric Gorbaty

Gabe Sagherian

Release Date

August 14, 2016


Bio-Builder Productions

Music by

John Ottman

Running Time

5 Minutes

Preceded by

Pizza No Come

Followed by

Pizza Origins (chronologically)

Pizza Might Come is a short film directed, produced and edited by LordStarscream100. It is the sequel to Pizza No Come, which was released around three weeks earlier. The film follows a second pizza guy who makes a delivery to a sketchy gang member, which prompts a police officer to take action. Alex Fanelli stars as the pizza guy, while Gabe Sagherian plays the police officer, Guy Buddy, and Eric Gorbaty plays the gang member. The film was released on August 14, 2016, after filming for The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods was called off for the day.


A yellow car drives up to a school parking lot, where it parks. In the woods by the school, a hooded figure, "The Rodent" (Eric Gorbaty), emerges from the bushes. The driver of the car, a pizza guy (Alex Fanelli), sees The Rodent and steps out with two pizzas. The Rodent is estatic, and approaches the pizza guy, who asks for money. The Rodent tries paying with his shoe, but the pizza guy declines his payment. 

Moments later, a police officer, Guy Buddy (Gabe Sagherian) arrives at the scene with the intention of arresting both The Rodent and the pizza guy, with The Rodent being part of the Fat Clan and the pizza guy having assaulted The Rodent. Buddy also explains how Five Below has bought out every police department in the country. Eventually, the pizza guy gives The Rodent the pizza boxes, and The Rodent finds that one box is empty.

The Rodent fights the pizza guy, while Buddy opens the second box and finds Antonio's laser gun inside. With it, he kills The Rodent and wounds the pizza guy. Just before he can finish him off, Buddy seemingly dies after suffering a heat stroke. 


  • Alex Fanelli as Antonio, a.k.a. the pizza guy, who distributes pizzas to the Fat Clan. He's the second pizza guy in the series, after Ryan Grier played Emilio in the first film. 
  • Eric Gorbaty as The Rodent, a hooded member of the Fat Clan who loves fresh, hot pizzas. 
  • Gabe Sagherian as Guy Buddy, a member of the Five Below police who tries arresting Antonio and The Rodent on different charges. 


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