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Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer

Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master

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Noah Phillips, also known as TheOnlyVie and NinjaBoys, is a parody artist who voices Bytar, Lizaru, Lasha and Spitta in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer. He returns to voice Spitta, Lizaru and Bytar in Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master, which aired through 2018. 



On March 22, 2015, TheOnlyVie (NinjaBoys at the time), signed on to voice Lizaru and Spitta in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer. On March 23, he was also confirmed to voice Bytar in the film, and on May 3 he was cast as Lasha. Noah first voiced several of the characters in the film's second part, which was released in September. 


Noah later voiced the aforementioned Serpentine in the film's third and fourth parts, which were released in January and February 2016. 

On December 1, 2016, Noah was confirmed to be returning as Spitta, Bytar and Lizaru in Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master


Through 2017, Noah remained attached to Age of the Golden Master as filming for the project progressed. He is set to record his dialogue for the film in 2018, and the film aired from July to December of that year.



  • Noah voices four of the nine new Serpentine in Rise of the Great Devourer. He voices all of the members of the Venomari Tribe except Acidicus, who is voiced by Bio21.