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Bread's Crumbs Series - Sandy Sandler

Michael Robinson, initially and often credited as Michael R, is an actor best known for his role as Sandy Sandler in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe. Michael began making movies with Scott Pincus in early 2014, and participated in several other projects that year and into 2015, having minor roles in An Aspiration to Excel and Jurassic Shark III.

After appearing in Bread's Crumbs 2, Michael went on an acting hiatus for two years as he wasn't hanging out with Scott as often. In May and June 2017, the two began collaborating again, and Michael's hiatus ended when he reprised the role of Sandy Sandler for The Two Man Trio and Bread's Crumbs 4. More recently, Michael has had cameos in the No More Smiling series



Michael made his acting debut in January 2014, with the short film The EdTech Enterprise, which was Scott's entry to the first White House Student Film Festival. That August, Michael joined the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe, playing Sandy Sandler in The Biggest Fish of Them All - the first Bread's Crumbs interquel. In October, Michael filmed his role as an InGen employee in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution


In January 2015, he reprised his role as Michael from The EdTech Enterprise in An Aspiration to Excel, an indirect sequel to its predecessor. The film received an honorable mention in the second White House Student Film Festival. In June 2015, Michael returned as Sandy in Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, participating in two days of filming for the project. 


Michael was set to return as Sandy in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, but due to scheduling conflicts and a lack of interest, he didn't participate in the project and his role was cut. Michael does make a brief cameo in the film, as Sandy is seen in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters when Bacchus is talking with Flynt, and also when Rasputin looks for The Crumbs.


On March 18, 2017, Michael was confirmed to be reprising the role of Sandy for Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption. In April, he was set to have a role in the Student Help Desk Commercial and was even present for filming - but he had to leave early and was unable to film. 

In May 2017, Michael wound up reprising the role of Sandy in The Two Man Trio, which served as his first major film role in two years. Michael then filmed Bread's Crumbs 4 from May to June 2017, with the project ultimately being released in August. During their first year of college, Michael was roommates with Scott. In October, he filmed an unintentional cameo for the short film Too Hard To Live With; he happened to walk into the scene at the end of the film. 


On March 2, 2018, Michael filmed a cameo for Scott's next short film, No More Smiling. He plays a smiling pedestrian in the film. On April 26, Michael was confirmed to reprise the role for No More Smiling II: Redemption. He filmed his scenes on May 1, and the film was released on May 5. 

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