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Scott in The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods (2014)


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Scott Pincus, also known as LordStarscream100, is a film director, writer, editor, cinematographer, composer and actor. He is the creator of the Jurassic Shark, Ninjago, Pizza No Come and the Creepy Guy in the Woods film series. In 2010, Scott gained an interest in making stop-motion movies before moving onto live-action projects in 2012, such as Jurassic Shark. By the end of 2013, Scott began making numerous short films, and in 2014 he built up the Bread's Crumbs series

Scott also had numerous acting roles, most notably Glen Tennis, Sketch Penzil, and The Creepy Guy. He spent several years working on the Ninjago and Bread's Crumbs film series, and often pursued short films, including various standalone projects. Through 2016, Scott worked on The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods for his graduation project. In 2017, he directed Bread's Crumbs 4, the series' last installment, and in 2018 he directed Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master


2010 to 2012Edit

LordStarscream100 was founded by Scott Pincus on December 27, 2010, though he didn't start releasing videos until 2011.

Scott's's first film was titled BIONICLE: Reality, which was shot back in 2010 with an unspecified release date. Due to the film's weak plot, animation, special effects and stop-motion, it was cancelled and later replaced with a remake, BIONICLE: Universe, which began airing on YouTube in June 2011. Prior to this, Scott also began planning out a Jurassic Park spin-off titled Island of Doom: Jurassic Parkwhich began filming in May 2011. Filming continued on for several months until it was forced to be cancelled in October, due to the lack of a CGI dinosaur animator. As a result of its cancellation, the film was replaced with Jurassic Shark in September. 

In the meantime, the release of BIONICLE: Universe continued on in November and December of that year, and was followed by a sequel, BIONICLE: Universe II: On Being A Champion, in January 2012. The third film in the series was put on hold until late-2012. Pre-production for Jurassic Shark strengthened in early-2012, with filming beginning in late-March and continuing on up until mid-September. The film began airing on YouTube on August 16, and concluded the following month. 


Following the release of Jurassic Shark, two sequels for the film were announced, with the second, Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, set for release in summer 2013 and the third, Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, set for release in summer 2014. BIONICLE: Universe III: War of the Worlds began filming in early-December, and the film aired throughout that month and January 2013. At this point, LordStarscream100 announced that he had plans to make a film titled Ninjago, based off the LEGO storyline of the same name. In addition, pre-production for Jurassic Shark II was strengthening, and filming began in late-March. However, during the summer, filming was put under various tensions as Jon M and Will M lost interest in filming. Worse, nearly half of the film's scenes had been shot, and they weren't in order. As a result, production had to continue on with Jon and Will, with script rewrites being limited.

Filming for Jurassic Shark II went on while LordStarscream100 wrote the script for Ninjago. In September, LordStarscream100 filmed a short-film titled Zeus's Recreational Thunderboltwhich was a Greek infomercial that was also a school project. The film was released to YouTube in February 2014. While filming for Jurassic Shark II continued on, LordStarscream100 filmed a short-film titled How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods in October. It was a project for his Video Applications class, and was released to YouTube in December. Earlier, filming for Jurassic Shark II had been forced to go on up until November, further postponing the release of the second-half of the film (parts 6-12) up until November/December, in which it finished airing. The film gained a more positive reaction overall then the first film.


In January 2014, LordStarscream100 directed a short-film titled The EdTech Enterprise, which was his entry to the first White House Student Film Festival. The project was filmed and released that month. In February, LordStarscream100 co-directed a short-film titled Demeter's Oatlympians Endorsement. The short-film was for Gabe's English class and was also the same project that Zeus's Recreational Thunderbolt was made for. It aired on YouTube shortly after it was filmed. In April 2014, Scott began filming Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, the series' third and final installment, and in May he began filming Ninjago

In April, the sequel to How to Avoid a Creepy Guy in the Woods, titled The Creepy Guy Returns, was filmed, and subsequently released on May 9. The third and final film, The Search for the Creepy Guy in the Woods, began filming in late-May before being released on June 13. Scott returned to play The Creepy Guy in both sequels, and he also played himself in the third film. Also in June, Scott participated in the filming of Bread's Crumbs, a short film directed by Ryan Bowman. Scott played Glen Tennis in the film, and also served as its editor. 

Throughout the summer, filming for Ninjago and Jurassic Shark III continued, with the first part of Ninjago airing on July 7. In August, Scott directed The Biggest Fish of Them All, a spin-off to Bread's Crumbs that starred Gabe Sagherian, Michael Robinson and Mitchell Patterson. That month he served as the cinematographer and editor of Alias Odium, and directed the short film Tea-Eee in October - both projects were Bread's Crumbs interquels. Ninjago continued airing with the release of Part 2 on September 7, followed by Part 3 on November 10, Part 4 on November 30, and Part 5/Finale on December 11. At the end of the year, Scott confirmed that a sequel to Bread's Crumbs was in the works. Titled Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, the project was set for release in June 2015. 


In January, Scott directed, wrote, filmed and edited An Aspiration to Excel, the indirect sequel to The EdTech Enterprise, for the second annual White House Student Film Festival. In March, the film became one of 300 entries to receive an Honorable Mention in the festival. Filming for Jurassic Shark III continued throughout the year via a prolonged production schedule that resulted in sporadic filming sessions. Early that year, Scott began writing script for the sequel to Ninjago, titled Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer. Filming for the project began in May, and continued on into the summer. Also in May, Scott filmed and released Dr. Troubleshoot, a project for his TV Studio class. The film received a generally positive reaction, although its trailers, as well as the film itself, were subjected to unexplained dislike botting. 

On June 1, Scott began filming Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, which starred the first film's cast alongside many new actors, including Brandon Archibald, who played the new antagonist. Scott also returned as Glen Tennis for the film. The project was filmed and edited within a week, ultimately being released on June 8. Less than two weeks later, on June 19, Scott released the first part of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. Throughout the summer, he continue filming Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, the first part of which was released in July, followed by the second part in September. In August, he directed and released two spin-offs to Bread's Crumbs 2Jumpa X and The Conundrum Dimension, and the second part of Jurassic Shark III was released that month as well. 

Scott continued editing Rise of the Great Devourer as filming continued into October. At the end of the month, Scott was faced with a major tragedy in his life, as well as the corruption of his editing software, iMovie. Both events culminated in stepping away from editing Rise of the Great Devourer for several months. In November, Scott continued looking towards options for his graduation project, for which he hoped to make a full-length film. He had various ideas in the last few months, and ultimately pursued the concept of a fourth Creepy Guy in the Woods film. Titled The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the WoodsScott confirmed the film to his cast members in November 2015. The same month, Scott managed to release the third part of Jurassic Shark III, which was damaged after he lost iMovie the previous month. In December, Scott began using Final Cut Pro, and took steps to continue working on Rise of the Great Devourer. He had finished filming the project on Thanksgiving, and now sought to finish editing the project as soon as possible. 


Scott went back to work editing the third, fourth and fifth parts of Rise of the Great Devourer, starting in January 2016. The third part was edited within three weeks and released that month, with the fourth and fifth parts released in February and March, respectively. Once the film was complete, Scott went to work writing the script for The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods, or Creepy Guy 4 for short, and his third and final Ninjago film, Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master. In March, Scott filmed and released Hit the Crib, the third Bread's Crumbs 2 spin-off that served as the acting debut of Alex Fanelli. In April, Scott filmed and released Isarus, a Jurassic Shark III spin-off that doubled as a project for Scott's German class. Scott also appeared as Simon Williams in the film. In May, Scott began filming Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, in which he reprised his role as Glen Tennis. The project was filmed into early-June, and released on June 26. Like the second film, Scott returned to direct, write and edit the project as well. 

Filming for Creepy Guy 4 began in July, and continued on throughout the summer. Also in July, Scott directed and released the short film Pizza No Come, which followed an uncanny pizza guy as he delivered a pizza to a team of goons. The film spawned two sequels in August - Pizza Might Come and The Pizza Cometh - and a fourth film, Pizza Origins, in September. During this time, Scott continued filming Creepy Guy 4 while also working on the script for Age of the Golden Master. For several months, Scott focused much of his efforts on completing Creepy Guy 4, which he directed, produced, wrote, edited, acted in and composed an original score. In December, Scott hinted at the prospect of a fourth and final Bread's Crumbs film, believing that the third film didn't conclude the story as he hoped it would. 


Scott continued working on editing and scoring Creepy Guy 4 from January to early March, with filming having wrapped towards the end of February. The project was finally released on March 5, almost three years after the previous installment. 

In April, Scott took on various different projects. On April 10, he directed and released The Machine of Munich, a short film centered around mechanical doppelgangers. The film served as a project for his German class. Several days later, he filmed and released a fifth Pizza No Come film, Pizza No Come, on April 14. On April 17, he released the Student Help Desk Commercial, followed by a sixth Pizza No Come film, Pizza Won't Come, on April 21. In May, Scott prepared to graduate high school, while also setting up the production of Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption and completing various other planned projects. On May 2, Scott released The Two Man Trio, the sole Bread's Crumbs 3 spin-off and the last Bread's Crumbs interquel. On May 14, he released The Best of West, a short film shown to his high school's class of 2021 that introduced them to the building. The Best of West marked the end of an era, as it was Scott's last "school project". 

Filming for Bread's Crumbs 4 began on May 14, with most of the project having been shot by June 8. However, several scenes had to be shot over the summer due to delays in the production schedule caused by absent actors. The film followed a very tight schedule due to the limited number of people that filmed at times. Filming for the project wrapped in July, and it was ultimately released on August 16. The special effects editor, Zion Figueroa, was set to edit the film's effects but was unable to, which prolonged the project's release. Scott ultimately edited the effects for the film, and it was released on August 13. 

At the end of August, Scott went off to college and began studying film. For two months, he didn't work on any film projects, before he made Thrill of the Hunt at the end of October. Scott directed, wrote, edited, filmed and scored the project, which served as the midterm for his Media Arts I class. That month, Scott consulted with Josh Nedved and other members about the creation of a Machine of Munich sequel, which was originally due for release in April 2018 but was bumped up to November 2017. Scott filmed the project, titled The Trial of Munich: The Machine of Munich II, in November 2017, and it was released that month.

Also that month, Scott directed Too Hard To Live With, in which his friends Kyle Carozzi and Jacob Huber made their debuts. Scott then began working on a documentary called The Downingtown Gates of Hell, which was about the urban legend of the same name. The project was shot and released in December, and served as the final for his Media Arts I class. Later that month, Scott returned to the Pizza No Come series by directing a seventh installment, Pizza Must Come, which was released on Christmas Eve. Scott wrapped up the year by starting to edit a shortened version of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution, which would be released as the full movie. 


Scott released the shortened full movie of Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution on January 3, 2018. For another two months, Scott didn't release any films, though in February he began working on No More Smiling. Scott directed, wrote, edited and scored the project. It was filmed and released in March, and served as the midterm project for his Media Arts II class. That month, he began work on a sequel, titled No More Smiling II: Redemption - which would serve as the final project for his Media Arts II class. He completed the script that month, and after filming the project from April to May, it was released on May 5.

Later that month, Scott began working with his former German classmates to make The Battle of Munich: The Machine of Munich III, which would conclude the series. At the end of May, Scott began re-editing The AP Team, a short film made by Ryan Bowman and others in 2016, at the end of their junior year of high school. The project never received a wide release on Scott's channel, so he modified several scenes and released it on June 1, the two-year anniversary of its initial release. Scott filmed The Battle of Munich from late May to early June, and it was released on June 7.

From May to July, Scott edited the first part of Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master, and it was ultimately released on July 19. Only two days earlier, however, his Final Cut Pro library became corrupt and he nearly lost the film - though he successfully recovered a backup of it. For much of August, Scott filmed the final battle of Age of the Golden Master, and completed it towards the end of the month. Scott also spent around a week re-editing Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, cutting down the film to a two-hour runtime. 

Over the next four months, Scott edited the next four parts of Age of the Golden Master, prioritizing on finishing the project by the end of 2018. He released Part 2 and Part 3 in October, after reshooting several lost scenes, and Part 4 was released in November. From November to December, Scott also worked on Man Out of Time, a short film about a young man who can travel through time. It served as the final for both his Filmmaking and Screenwriting I classes, and was released on December 13. In the meantime, filming for Age of the Golden Master wrapped on December 9. The fifth and final part of the film was released on December 21, concluding the project after two years of production. 

In December, Scott announced he's making a spin-off that focuses on Kaine West, a supporting villain in the Bread's Crumbs series. The spin-off will serve as a prequel to the entire Bread's Crumbs universe, and will be released in April 2019.


Scott started the new year by releasing the blooper reel for his 2015 short films. He plans to continue releasing bloopers this year, starting with the Jurassic Shark III bloopers.

Current and Upcoming ProjectsEdit

Scott plans to work on several other projects, such as continuing the Pizza No Come Film Series. He has long planned to make an eighth installment since the release of Pizza Must Come in December 2017. Filming for the project began in August 2018, and it is due for release in 2019.

In the meantime, Scott is currently focusing on Kaine West: No Salvation, as he works on the script and prepares to start filming in March.


Several projects were released over the span of two years, which is indicated by "(2015-2016)". 

As DirectorEdit

Upcoming ProjectsEdit

As ActorEdit

As Voice ActorEdit

All of these projects, except for the Ninjago films, Creepy Guy 4 and the help desk commercial, were created by JTH Studios. 

  • LEGO Justice League 3 (2014) - Nightwing, Jor-El, Demon, Star Labs Worker
  • The Ultimate LEGO Race 3 (2014) - Sensei Garmadon
  • Ninjago (2014) - Simon Bowler, Marco, Harry, Construction Workers and Soldiers
  • Star Wars: Battle on Kashyyyk (2014) - Sparker, Blade, Fang, Gree, Smasher, Tanker, Ace, Sniper, TK421, Clone Captain and several generic Clones
  • Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer (2015-2016) - Marco, Harry
  • LEGO Batman: Adventures in Gotham City (2015-2017) - Nightwing, Sinestro, Star Labs Worker
  • LEGO Justice League 4 (2016) - Nightwing, Jor-El, Sinestro
  • The Legend of the Creepy Guy in the Woods (2017) - Saathi/The Demon
  • Student Help Desk Commercial (2017) - Narrator
  • Star Wars: Escape From Kashyyyk (2017) - Sparker and Blade
  • Star Wars: Return to Kashyyyk (2018) - Sparker and Blade
  • Ninjago: Age of the Golden Master (2018) - Simon Bowler, Slithraa, Marco

As ComposerEdit


  • Scott has had onscreen acting roles in fifteen of his projects (nineteen if voice roles are included). However, in recent years he has lessened his acting roles. Many of these roles were done in or before 2014, while most of his onscreen appearances from 2015 onwards have seen him returning as Simon Williams, Glen Tennis or Kosta Brando. In this time, he has also appeared as Scott from the Creepy Guy in the Woods series, and Sketch Penzil, a villain in The Machine of Munich.