InGen, also known as International Genetics Incorporated, is a bioengineering company that was founded by John Hammond. The company is known for its recreation of extinct animals, mainly dinosaurs. They also supported the construction of the theme park, "Jurassic Park," which housed many of their prehistoric specimens. Various employees of the organization were later fired for unspecified reasons, and they formed a group that would create mechanical killing machines that they would deploy to kill people under InGen's name. 

Jurassic SharkEdit

In the Jurassic Shark film, various fired and corrupt InGen employees teamed up to create a robot shark under InGen's name, in hopes to destroy the company from within by making it seem that they'd made and released a killing machine into the public. Ultimately, their first shark was released successfully and caused the deaths of five people before the shark itself was finally killed. Since then, InGen has been functioning properly, although none of the employees responsible for the shark's creation have been identified or arrested.

Jurassic Shark IIEdit

In the second film, the corrupt InGen employees create three new sharks: a Hammerhead, Bull and Crocodile Shark. The head of the sharks, Simon, releases them to kill Chase Landon and his followers. InGen later sends Chase a letter explaining how they aren't the ones who make the sharks, and are willing to pay Chase and his allies to capture or kill the sharks. Chase agrees to the proposition. At some point, InGen most likely pays Chase and the other survivors of the "Retribution Incident." 

Jurassic Shark IIIEdit

InGen will reappear in the third and final film, this time having a larger role in the story than in the previous two films. The full story behind the role InGen plays in connection with the corrupt employees and sharks is expected to be revealed. 


The company appeared in the first two Jurassic Shark films, and will also appear in the third.