Demeter's Oatlympians Endorsement, also known as Oatlympians, is a short film directed, produced and written by Gabe Sagherian and co-directed and produced by Scott Pincus. It is an indirect sequel to Zeus's Recreational Thunderbolt. The film, which stars Gabe and Scott, was also a school project for Gabe English class. The project had him creating a Greek infomercial advertising a product associated with Greek mythology. 

Gabe stars as Demeter, who meets with a hungry Zeus, portrayed by Scott, and persuades him to try a new breakfast cereal known as Oatlympians. The film was released on February 17, 2014, and was presented to the class shortly afterward. 


The short film opens with Demeter (Gabe Sagherian) explaining her background and current wherabouts, up until her older brother Zeus (Scott Pincus approaches and asks her if she has anything he can eat. Demeter thinks about what she can give him for several seconds, and just as Zeus offers to go somewhere else to find food, she comes up with an idea. As Zeus's excitement rapidly grows, with sparks shooting out of his face, Demeter obtains a breakfast cereal known as "Oatlympians". 

At first, Zeus is confused, as he does not recognize the cereal. Demeter begins explaining the significance of it, adding that it contains of twenty of her essential grains and oats. It is also comrprised of 91% Shrek, 4% Bacchus, and also contains a mini Shrek toy inside. She then tosses Zeus the box, to which he begins eating the cereal inside. Enjoying the cereal and pleased by the mini Shrek, Zeus says that he'll have to tell everyone at Mount Olympus about it. 

Demeter and Zeus conclude the film by reciting the cereal's tagline, "Oatlympians! The man, the myth, the breakfast cereal!". 


  • Up to this point, this is the only film directed by Gabe Sagherian. 
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