CarpenterStudios, also known as Charlie Carpenter, is a voice actor who voiced Kai Fellows in the first two parts of Ninjago



Charlie met Scott Pincus in late 2012 as he was finishing Jurassic Shark on Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki, where Scott originally posted information about the film. Charlie saw the success of the film and was inspired to create projects of his own. At twelve years old, Charlie was hyped by the success of Jurassic Shark and sought to make a "T-Rex vs. Jaws" film.


Feeling obligated to make a film, Charlie scrapped the hypothetical project and began writing a film called Isla Sorna: The island of Terror, supposedly not knowing that Scott was making a film called Island of Doom: Jurassic Park. For over a year, the title of Charlie's project jumped back and forth from "Sorna" to "Nublar". Charlie considered making the film through claymation, but settled for live-action, before ultimately cancelling the project. Charlie then contacted Scott about remaking Jurassic Shark, but Scott rejected the proposition, finding it pointless as he was in the middle of making the series.

Charlie then proposed making a spin-off instead. The project, which was later called Jurassic Shark: Redemption, began early development with Charlie at the head. Ultimately, Charlie left the project, feeling he wasn't meant to start a YouTube channel. He said he destroyed the shark he was building for the film, and deleted its script as well. Despite this, Charlie requested that Scott leave the project open in the event that he comes back to it. 


Later, Charlie expressed interest in voicing Kai and Zane in Scott's Ninjago film. Realizing it was too much pressure to voice two main characters, Charlie went for one of them instead, and opted to voice Kai. He later expressed his regrets for not picking Zane. Charlie was very upset with his role in the film, feeling his acting was poor, and he was also dealing with personal and family issues in real life. Ultimately, Ryan Bowman was recast in the role of Kai. 


Charlie hoped to audition for the role of Pythor in Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, but ultimately decided against this as he didn't have the time.