"My name is Biscuit Savage - and you have made me mad". 

- Biscuit Savage to John Bacchus

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo
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June 8, 2015

Directed and Produced by

Scott Pincus

Written and Edited by

Scott Pincus


Gabe Sagherian

Austin Brinser

Chris Lombardo

Brandon Archibald

Ryan Bowman

Mitchell Patterson


Hans Zimmer

Steve Jablonsky


Bio-Builder Productions

Release Date

June 8, 2015

Running Time

45 Minutes

Preceded by


Followed by

Omega (chronologically)

Jumpa X (release order)

Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo is the sequel to Bread's Crumbs, which was released on June 19, 2015. It is the second major installment in the Bread's Crumbs Cinematic Universe and the fifth installment overall. The film stars returning cast members Gabe Sagherian, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo, Scott Pincus and Ryan Bowman, and introduces Vishnu Rammohan, Ross Lovell, Sean Larkin, Zion Figueroa, and Brandon Archibald, who portrays the main antagonist, Biscuit Savage, while Michael Robinson and Mitchell Patterson reprise their roles from The Biggest Fish of Them All. The film was set to be directed by Ryan Bowman and Scott Pincus, but due to Ryan's absence throughout the shoot, Scott handled the entire film himself. The Clan reunites to claim The Crumbs after realizing the artifact in the first film was a corruptive decoy. As their journey begins, Biscuit Savage and Nazi Mitch scheme to combat The Clan and seize The Crumbs for themselves. 

Unlike the first film, which was made without plans for any future installments, the film heavily fortifies the story, tying the previous three interquels in with the main storyline, while answering and raising several questions. Unlike the first film, which had running time of only four minutes, the sequel is ten times as long, with a running time of 45 minutes. Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo was released on June 8, 2015, with filming having taken place from June 1 to June 4. Various interquels would follow throughout the year following its release, while a sequel was released on June 26, 2016. A fourth and final film was released in August 2017. 


A year following the battle with Bread Nelson, Flynt Coal (Austin Brinser) infiltrates the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters, where he is attacked by the brutal Biscuit Savage (Brandon Archibald). Days later, Glen Tennis (Scott Pincus) reunites The Clan to tell them he discovered the truth about The Crumbs. Glen explains that Nelson had previously claimed a corruptive duplicate of the artifact dubbed "Fake Crumbs", which can weaken anyone who touches it. As The Clan tries to piece together recent events, including the vision experienced by Sandy Sandler (Michael Robinson), Biscuit Savage schemes with Nazi Mitch (Mitchell Patterson) to kill The Clan and seize The Crumbs. After organizing his plans, Savage sets off and battles the team, mercilessly beating them up and killing Glen. After Savage departs, John Bacchus (Gabe Sagherian) assumes command of the team and leads everyone to Mekron Woods, where Glen discovered The Crumbs are hidden.

In the meantime, The Clan's leader, Captain Jumpa (Ryan Bowman), experiences a vision of Bacchus dividing The Clan into two factions after going mad in a quest to claim The Crumbs's power. Jumpa leads a small team of fighters, including Vin Diesel (Chris Lombardo) and Mahatma (Vishnu Rammohan) to confront Bacchus and his allies. Jumpa attempts to discern Bacchus's motives, but a battle breaks out, resulting in the deaths of Vin and Mahatma. Jumpa flees the scene after Bacchus spares his life. 

The Clan heads to Mekron Woods to find The Crumbs. Off-screen, they find Big Beard (Sean Larkin), a strong bearded warrior, and Lord Tyresius (Zion Figueroa), the ancient guardian of The Crumbs. Flynt manages to obtain the artifact, but Nazi Mitch arrives, seizing the artifact and trapping Colonel Crunch (Russell Parkinson) and Corporal Crunch (Eric Gorbaty) in an alternate dimension. Mitch meets with Biscuit Savage at the Bread Bungalow, where they planned to exchange The Crumbs, but Mitch betrays Savage with the intention of creating a Fourth Reich. Savage attacks Nazi Mitch, causing him to drop The Crumbs. After Savage demands the artifact, Mitch gives him one of the "Fake Crumbs". Savage departs with it, while Mitch grins, knowing he has the actual artifact.

Bacchus leads Flynt, Vin, Big Beard, Lord Tyresius and Mahatma in a drastic effort to defeat Biscuit Savage and reclaim The Crumbs. During the final battle, Biscuit Savage manages to overwhelm The Clan and knocks his adversaries down with ease. Savage then takes apart the "Fake Crumbs" and consumes its energy core; he starts to violently gag, and explodes as The Clan retreats.

The Clan returns to the track, with Bacchus explaining that Savage ate one of the "Fake Crumbs". Knowing the real artifact is still missing, Bacchus intends to go on a solo-mission to find it, and he runs off. Shortly after, Jumpa returns, having awoken from his vision, and Flynt and Vin explain what happened. Astonished, Jumpa says nothing as he looks off in the distance with The Clan. 


The ClanEdit

New ProtagonistsEdit

U.B.N.V.A./New AntagonistsEdit

  • Brandon Archibald as Biscuit Savage - A formidable brute and member of the U.B.N.V.A. who serves as the film's main antagonist. He seeks to obtain The Crumbs and claim its power. On multiple occassions, he faces off against The Clan all by himself. 
  • Mitchell Patterson as Nazi Mitch - An ancient, dangerous Aryan who helps lead the U.B.N.V.A., and has an uneasy alliance with Biscuit Savage. Mitch seeks to obtain The Crumbs, and he allies with Biscuit Savage to do so. 
  • Ryan Bowman as Jumpa X - A cyborg created by Biscuit Savage for future intentions. Jumpa was modeled after Captain Jumpa, and is the first successful cyborg created by the U.B.N.V.A. 
  • Michael Behrenshauser as The Paleman - A mysterious hooded person who Biscuit Savage asks to help with his operation; however, he declines. The Paleman makes a cameo in the film, and later served as the main villain of Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption

David Matz makes a brief cameo as Bread Nelson. Trevor Johnson, a friend of Brandon Archibald, makes a cameo in the film as a U.B.N.V.A member named Johnson, although he is uncredited.

Ryan Grier and Jacob Lutz have brief cameos during a scene in the U.B.N.V.A. headquarters. Though they're not credited, it was later confirmed that Ryan played Banny Passerini, a villain introduced in the third film who is the son of Biscuit Savage. In May 2017, it was confirmed that Jacob played Axel Gunner, a villain introduced in the series' last interquel, The Two Man Trio, in which he's the main antagonist. Neither Ryan nor Jacob were officially participating in the project and, coincidentally, appeared in the background of the scene. 



Scott announced the sequel to Bread's Crumbs on July 16, 2014, a month after it was released. Ryan Bowman, who created the first film, confirmed he will write and direct the sequel, and also reprise the role of Captain Jumpa. He was the first cast member confirmed for the project. Scott was set to co-direct, shoot and edit the film. Gabe Sagherian and Austin Brinser, who played John Bacchus and Flynt Coal, respectively, expressed interest in participating in the sequel.

On August 2, Chris Lombardo was confirmed to return as Vin Diesel. On August 31, Gabe, Austin, and Scott were confirmed to return as Bacchus, Flynt and Glen Tennis, respectively. By this point, Cameron Nicholson and Jacob Doerr were rumored to be joining the film's cast. Michael Robinson and Mitchell Patterson, who starred in the spin-off The Biggest Fish of Them All as Sandy Sandler and Nazi Mitch, respectively, were also rumored for the film. On September 2, Russell Parkinson was confirmed to return as Colonel Crunch, while Michael Robinson was confirmed to play Sandy in the film. 

On September 23, Eric Gorbaty was confirmed to return as Corporal Crunch, while Jacob Doerr joined the cast as a new character named Justin Bartisto. By this point, the original film's cast was confirmed to return, but David M, who played Bread Nelson, wasn't set to appear in the film.

On March 6, 2015, Brandon Archibald was confirmed for the film's cast, and Dakota Markle was rumored to join the cast. On May 10, Jacob Doerr was dropped from the film's cast due to a lack of interest in the project (though he was still present on the set during the first day of filming). Dakota was confirmed for the film on May 11, though his role wasn't revealed. On May 17, it was confirmed that Brandon will portray Biscuit Savage, the film's main antagonist. On May 20, it was confirmed that Mitchell Patterson will return as Nazi Mitch. On May 23, Zion Figueroa was confirmed to have joined the film's cast, with Sean Larkin joining as well on May 29. On May 31, Scott confirmed that Ryan Bowman will not be present for filming on June 1 or June 3. It was unknown how this would affect his role, although this meant that Scott would be directing much of the film instead of co-directing it with Ryan. 


Filming officially began on June 1, 2015. A tremendous amount of cast members were present, including Gabe, Russell, Scott, Austin, Chris, Eric, Michael R, Zion, Sean, Brandon and Mitchell. Ross Lovell, Vishnu Rammohan and Michael Behrenshauser also joined the film's cast that morning, which was unexpected but welcomed by the cast. Filming took place all day, starting at around 8:00 in the morning and going all the way up to 2:30 in the afternoon, with various breaks throughout the day. A total of around 500 videos were shot in one day - marking the record for the most footage shot in one day for a LordStarscream100 film (though this record was later surpassed by Bread's Crumbs 4). 

Cast members Sean, Ross, Michael B, Brandon, Vishnu and Zion on the first day of filming.

Filming continued on June 2, with Gabe, Chris, Austin, Ryan, Michael R, Sean L, Vishnu, Brandon and Mitchell all present. Filming barely took place on June 3 due to many of the film's cast members leaving early. The only scene they shot was when Jumpa X arrives to greet Biscuit Savage (though Savage's part was filmed the previous day). Filming concluded on June 4, with Gabe, Ryan, Chris, Austin, Sean, Eric, Vishnu, Ross and Mitchell all present at various points throughout the day. In the afternoon, after filming a crucial scene with several of the cast members, Scott returned to the cast to find that they no longer wanted to film because it was so late in the afternoon. As a result, filming was unexpectedly cut short - resulting in a major action scene being cut. 

On June 5, Scott confirmed that the film is set for release on June 7. He revealed that Sean Larkin will play Plot Device, Zion Figueroa will play Lord Tyresius, Ross Lovell will play Reginald Wellington, and Vishnu Rammohan will play Mahatma. Dakota was expected to participate in filming, but due to a lack of communication between him and the other cast members, he was unable to film. Ryan Bowman was also unseated as the film's co-director due to his absences from filming, and Scott assumed control of the project. 

On June 6, Scott confirmed that the project will have a running time of approximately 45 minutes. At over 40 minutes long, the film is over ten times as long as the first movie. Despite plans for it to be an "extended short film", it was ultimately labeled "full movie" due to its running time. Because of the extended amount of time it took for the film to process on YouTube, the release date was shifted from June 7 to June 8. 


  • On June 1, during the scene where The Clan reunities and huddles up, Gabe Sagherian was accidentally hit in the nose by Austin Brinser, which caused it to start bleeding. Filming wasn't stopped and continued on as planned.
  • Also on June 1, the ending of the final battle was rushed because Brandon Archibald lost his glasses during the scene. The crew searched for twenty minutes before realizing that Chris Lombardo, who had left the set shortly before, had brought them back to one of the cast member's backpacks. After finding the glasses, filming resumed and was completed for the day, shortly before it started downpouring outside. 


See Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam and Bread's Crumbs 4: Mass Consumption


  • Early on in the film, Glen Tennis remarks that in the first film, Bread Nelson took The Crumbs from the Tomb of the Bacchus and replaced them with one of the Fake Crumbs, and the true artifact was subsequently hidden in Mekron Woods. In actuality, The Crumbs were never at the tomb - one of the Fake Crumbs sat there the entire time. The true artifact was always in Mekron Woods, guarded by Lord Tyresius.
  • Though it's technically not an error, the establishment of Jumpa X in the film may create some confusion. Captain Jumpa isn't seen until his vision scene with John Bacchus. Jumpa X, an evil clone of Captain Jumpa, is seen beforehand in the U.B.N.V.A. Headquarters. This might make it seem as if it was actually Captain Jumpa in these scenes.
  • During the "scene" at Mekron Woods, where the text explains what has transpired there, the word "journeyed" is misspelled as "journied".
  • Biscuit Savage holds one of the Fake Crumbs during the final battle, but isn't weakened/poisoned by it until he actually eats it. In the first film, The Clan was quickly weakened by holding the Fake Crumbs. Different Fake Crumbs may have varying effects on people.


  • In September 2014, Jacob Doerr was confirmed to return as Justin Bartisto, but he was dropped from the cast in May 2015. Despite being on the set for the first day of filming, he still didn't appear in the project.
  • The project was originally planned to be labeled as a "short film", though due to its extended running time it was ultimately labeled a "full movie".
  • This is the only main installment in the series where a character does not say "That would be correct", with Bread Nelson, John Bacchus and The Creator having spoken the line in the first, third and fourth films, respectively. 
  • Ryan Bowman was set to co-direct alongside Scott, and star in the film as Captain Jumpa. However, due to scheduling conflicts he was unable to film on June 1 or June 3, both of which were set to be major filming days for the project. The size of his role in the film was tremendously reduced. The same thing happened with his role in the third film.
  • The only day Brandon Archibald knew for sure he could film on was June 1, the first day of filming. As a senior in high school, Brandon would have to spend several days rehearsing for graduation, which would make him unavailable. Ultimately, Brandon also wound up being available on June 2, but by June 3 and 4 he was unavailable.
  • Nearly half of The Clan consists of new characters. Jumpa, Bacchus, Glen, Flynt, Vin, Colonel Crunch and Corporal Crunch all return, and they're joined by Sandy, Reginald, Mahatma, Lord Tyresius and Big Beard.
  • Gabe Sagherian improvised the nickname "Sandy 'Hurricane' Sandler", a reference to the hurricane by the same name.
  • For many of the scenes on the track (except the vision scene) there were many extras present and hanging around on the set. Scott ultimately decided against letting them appear in the film, knowing they wouldn't have a place in the scene and that there were already enough new characters being introduced at that time (Reginald, Mahatma, and Sandy).
  • Due to the limited amount of time before most of the cast went to take finals, much of Glen Tennis' dialogue during The Clan's opening scene was filmed after everyone had departed, as Scott didn't have any finals that day. Brandon Archibald, Ross Lovell and Vishnu Rammohan assisted Scott in filming the scene.
  • It was a coincidence that Mitchell Patterson was in the same room used as the U.B.N.V.A. base. Previously, him and Scott had filmed the scene where Nazi Mitch talks to Biscuit Savage over the phone. In the scene, he was talking to some other friends of his - or "U.B.N.V.A. operatives", we should say. 
  • Mahatma can briefly be seen working on one of the computers in the U.B.N.V.A. base. Scott has confirmed he is not an antagonist, nor is he looking to betray the Clan. Mahatma was likely "stealing information from the U.B.N.V.A". 
  • The scene at Mekron Woods had to be explained via text, as most of the cast wasn't willing to film the scene. In the original scene, The Clan would have gone to the woods and met Lord Tyresius and Big Beard - the guardians of The Crumbs. The two are hesitant to give them The Crumbs at first, although they soon ally together in a bid to protect it from Nazi Mitch and Jumpa X. In the conflict, Mitch would steal the artifact and trap the Crunch clones in an alternate dimension. 
  • Mitchell based the line "Ze ability to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power of ze Bread's Crumbs" - a reference to Star Wars (1977). Since Scott hadn't seen the movie in so long, and wanted to avoid quoting other films, he didn't even realize the origin of the line.
  • The film's final battle was set to take place at Kerr Park, which is about a mile away from the high school. It would take place next to a river where Biscuit Savage and Nazi Mitch would've met up, with Mitch revealing his true intentions to Biscuit Savage. This part of the plot was kept for the Bread Bungalow scene. The Clan would then show up, battle for The Crumbs, and Biscuit Savage would be killed while Nazi Mitch escapes with The Crumbs.
    • On June 1, which was the only day Brandon Archibald knew for sure he would be able to film, the crew was set to head to Kerr Park to shoot the final battle - but because they only had less than two hours left, and wouldn't be able to make it there, film, and come back, Scott made the last-minute decision to film the final battle at the school's soccer field instead of risking going all the way to Kerr Park and not completing the scene because they would have to return to the school. Kerr Park would later be a setting in Scrub Slam the following year.
  • Before the final battle in the second film begins, Biscuit Savage walks out of the tennis court to fight The Clan. Before the final battle of the third film begins, Biscuit Savage enters the tennis court to fight alongside The Clan. 
  • Near the end of the film, when Biscuit Savage consumes the core of The Crumbs, the wax ball was actually replaced with a strawberry. The lighting and distance from the strawberry made it difficult to see any difference.
  • On the last day of filming, an "after-credits scene" was shot with Corporal Crunch and Jumpa X, played by Eric Gorbaty and Ryan Bowman, respectively. The scene takes place in the Conundrum Dimension, and involved Jumpa X confronting Corporal Crunch while Captain Jumpa and John Bacchus watch from a distance and run off. Scott scrapped the scene, feeling it made no sense whatsoever particularly since Bacchus and Jumpa randomly wind up in the Conundrum Dimension - and also, Bacchus had just departed to go on his own journey, and his sudden return wouldn't make any sense. 
  • Most of the film was shot on June 1. Over 500 videos were shot in that day alone - the most for any live-action LordStarscream100 film until one day of filming for Bread's Crumbs 4. On this day, all the scenes were filmed except for Jumpa's vision, Flynt finding The Crumbs,  Biscuit Savage's first conversation with Nazi Mitch, Jumpa X's scenes, and the ending scene. 
  • Michael Behrenshauser cameos as a villain by the name of The Paleman. In the fourth season of Ninjago, there is an Elemental Master by the name of Paleman. LordStarscream100 did this as a reference to the original character. 
  • Dakota Markle was set to have a role in the film, but was not present for filming. He would have had a role, although when he texted the other cast members on June 4 asking them where they were, no one responded - Scott was busy taking a final, while Ryan, Gabe and the others didn't respond. Dakota's character, Bjorn Alvarez, later debuted in the Bread's Crumbs 2 interquel The Conundrum Dimension, and also appeared in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam
  • This film marks the first appearance of Scott Pincus, Austin Brinser, Chris Lombardo and Eric Gorbaty as their characters since the original film, as they didn't appear in any of the interquels. 
  • The film was always expected to be fairly longer than the original. Back in September 2014, LordStarscream100 actually predicted that the film would have a running time of around 45 minutes, which wound up being the official running time eight months later. 
  • In LordStarscream100's Christmas Special 2014, the title was said to be Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo, although whether this was true or not remained unanswered until the film's Super Bowl trailer was released on January 31, 2015.