Alias Odium is a short film directed by and starring Jacob Doerr, and filmed and edited by Scott Pincus. It is a spin-off to Bread's Crumbs and takes place sometime after the events of The Biggest Fish of Them All. The film, which was released on August 30, 2014, stars Jacob Doerr as Justin Bartisto, a reconaissance bounty hunter who goes on one of many secret missions. 


The film opens with Justin Bartisto (Jacob Doerr) walking out of a bush and up to the cameraman, as he prepares to sneak up on his next target. It is revealed that his mission is to infiltrate a secret headquarters housing people who are supposedly collaborating with Bread Nelson. Bartisto then runs out of the woods, engaging himself in several slow-motion sequences while the cameraman films from afar before being called back over by Bartisto, who is right by the target. The cameraman runs over to Bartisto and gets on the ground with him. The two hold a brief argument over the cameraman posing as a distraction, before Bartisto agrees to rework his plan and use his stealth skills as best as he can. He rolls sideways, signaling for the cameraman to stay quiet several times, before disappearing in the foliage up ahead. 

As Bartisto spys on his targets, he believes that they almost saw them, and as a result runs into the pine trees. The cameraman moves further down the hill, waiting for Bartisto, until finally he completes the infiltration and emerges from the trees. He then jumps through the opening in the bushes and lands on the ground, disappearing once more, but reappears moments later. Bartisto then rolls down the hill as fast as he can, before getting up, running further down, dropping to the ground and sliding towards the cameraman. He remarks that the mission has been accomplished. 


  • This film, as well as Tea-Eee, are the only Bread's Crumbs films that don't feature or mention John Bacchus
  • Up until the release of Omega in April 2016, the LS100 cast and crew saw Alias Odium as a non-canon entry to the Bread's Crumbs series, mainly due to Jacob Doerr's character, Justin Bartisto, having no connection to the rest of the series. However, when he reprised the role for Omega, the film was definitely seen as canon - though it does stray far from the main storyline. 
  • Jacob's camo outfit he wears in the film is also the same one he wears in Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution. In the interquel Omega. which was released two years later, Bartisto wore an outfit similar to Owen Hawkins' in Jurassic Shark III
  • Initially, the film was meant to set up the character of Justin Bartisto for Bread's Crumbs 2: Electric Boogaloo. Unfortunately, in May 2015, Jacob D confirmed that he doesn't have any interest in reprising the role for the film. Jacob was approached to reprise the role in Bread's Crumbs 3: Scrub Slam, but declined the offer here as well. This makes Alias Odium the most distant from the other Bread's Crumbs films. 
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