A Fateful Forecast is a short film directed and edited by Scott Pincus, and produced by Michael Behrenshauser and Sean Fanelli. The film was made as a project for their Natural Disasters class, in which they had to make a weather report detailing various weather conditions. 

Michael Behrenshauser stars as Michael "Blizzard" Behrenshauser, a weatherman who gives a forecast regarding numerous catastrophic natural disasters. The film was released on February 21, 2017. 


Weatherman Michael "Blizzard" Behreshauser (Michael Behrenshauser) gives a morning weather report regarding several catastrophic natural disasters occurring across the United States. Behrenshauser states that in the west coast, there are sharknados occurring off the coast of California, and he urges people to be cautious of flying sharks. 

Behrenshauser then states that there are high wind speeds in the midwest, which are causing "cownados" and sending livestock flying all over. In the east, high winds and a low pressure system causes even more chaos, as a chain of thunderstorms are occurring from Pennsylvania all the way down to Florida. Also in the midwest, "Dust Bowl Number 2" is occurring, and Behrenshauser urges people not to get dust in their shoes. Moisture clouds are also causing drastic temperature changes, with temperatures at 20° and 60° in Chicago and Pennsylvania, respectively. Down by Florida, Hurricane Mad Pete is coming up the coast and wreaking havoc. 

Behrenshauser's forecast is cut short when the studio begins shaking violently and an alarm goes off. Behrenshauser is startled at first, and is quickly informed that the Yellowstone supervolcano is erupting. Behrenshauser realizes that he's going to die, and is subsequently killed in a massive explosion. 


  • This is LordStarscream100's shortest short film, running at only two minutes. 
  • Michael warns viewers to watch out for "flying sharks". Scott also directed the Jurassic Shark series, which revolved around flying robot sharks. 
  • Hurricane Mad Pete is inspired by a nickname Scott gave to actor Russell Parkinson, as Russell had a shirt with the words "Mad Pete" on it (he can be seen wearing it in Tea-Eee). For some time, Scott gave Russell this nickname.